Motto: AJMNS

Location: Frö Oasis, Sweden

Thelemite and member of the O.T.O since 2001. Although I “checked out” for some years to prioritise Malkuthian pursuits I came back (as we know, you can never leave), with a renewed energy and a special interest in women in Thelema, and the EGC.
When not hanging out at the summit of the earth, I’m busy researching and reading, as well as discovering the world anew through the eyes of my two highly energetic children.


Motto: Crystal LAL
Location: Raleigh, NC

I am the founding Body Master for Star of Babalon Encampment. I joined the O.T.O in 2003 with Knights Templar Oasis in Massachusetts. I did take some time away from the Order to deal with more “Earthly” pursuits, but I came back ready to fight the good fight for freedom! If I am not memorizing parts for initiations, rituals, or scheduling events, you will likely find me coloring mandalas, playing with my 2 children or trying to find my inner hippie.


Motto: Anahita
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I took my Minerval here at Dove and Serpent Oasis on the Autumnal Equinox of 2002. I am an Ordained Priestess of EGC and a Chartered Initiator. I am a writer, bad violinist, and a circus fortuneteller. I read Tarot, and I practice tasseomancy, or tea leaf reading. I also practice Vodou, and old style southern conjure hoodoo.


Motto: Enkidar
Location: Buffalo, NY

I did my Minerval in 2007 at William Blake at the age of 18. For many years I attended events but was hesitant to get more involved as I was going through college. In 2014 I moved to Buffalo and joined Pyramid Lodge where I function as Secretary and novitiate priestess. When I’m not answering emails you can find me curled up on the couch with a good book or a bit of knitting.


Motto: Violeta
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I’ve done my Minerval 2014 and my I* in August of 2015. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for about 8 years now and I do not associate with any specific tradition. I’m a cis-gendered who thinks that everyone should be treated with dignity. this has lead me to read more and more on social justice issues, I try to understand the world as it is and then make it better for each and every one of us.


Motto: Madimi/LaurenG

Location: Raleigh, NC

My esoteric background is in the Golden Dawn tradition, which I studied and practiced formally for 8 years prior to coming to Thelema. I’m an active participant at Star of Babalon Camp, and I am interested in gender, transformative relationships, liberation, paradox, and ecstasy. In my daily life, I’m a therapist and counselor educator in North Carolina. re.