My Secret Centre – Equinox episode now out!

Happy New Year!

Our third podcast features:
“The Magickal Retirement” with Sr. Hypatia, Sr. Madimi, Harper Feist and Sarah
“The Supreme Ritual” read by Sr. AJMNS
“Cara Soror” – a dialogue, with Sr Crystal LAL and Sr Madimi

For images related to “The Magickal retirement, hop over to our gallery at


As per usual it launches first on Soundcloud, and will be available on iTunes shortly.

2 thoughts on “My Secret Centre – Equinox episode now out!”

  1. This was such a valuable episode, I know it’s one I’ll return to more than once as I consider future plans for my own magical retirement. I really enjoyed the way the narratives were presented, and the amount of information to be gleaned from the different experiences and descriptions. Thank you!

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